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Boswell North West Europe

This is where I live... the Borders and the South of Scotland are just about our best kept secret... a really beautiful part of the British Isles, and quite central too, when you look at it like this.

The East side, what we call The Borders, has a lot of Abbeys, Historic Houses, and small castles. The land varies from heather covered moors, upland sheep grazing and rich farmlands along the River Tweed.

The West side, Dumfries and Galloway, has castles and Abbeys too (in fact the church at Whithorn dates from 400 AD), and rich Dairy farmland, forested hills and moors to rival parts of the Highlands.

A lot of people, passing through, discover this area by accident. But once they've seen a little bit, they're soon back!

But I've travelled all over Scotland with my owner, and he and his wife have prepared a suggested itinerary for anyone who wants a real taste of some of the best in the country but only have a limited time to explore. You can find this at the Round Scotland Tour

On the next page are some notes about planning your trip to Scotland as a whole...